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Making Sense Of Cosmetic Surgery – NO REGRETS

More and more people of all ages are turning to cosmetic surgery and dermatological treatments to correct the effects of aging.

Dr. Wayne Porter strongly believes in the comprehensive mind/body connection: that your physical well-being is influenced by the image you project to the world. Feeling good about the way you look makes you more accessible to friends, activities and new ideas.

Most of Dr. Porter’s potent skin refining treatments are much less costly than you might imagine. Often fees, for the most recent breakthrough laser and collagen treatments, the ones that produce that just back from vacation look, are much less than the price of a short holiday. Better still, when necessary direct medical financing can be made available.

Few, if any, superstars, celebrities and public personalities ever regret confiding in the competence of a cosmetic surgeon, to refine, refresh and enhance their self-image.

Dr. Porter is as approachable as he looks, in a field where looking good is what it is all about. More importantly, Dr. Porter is committed to making his cosmetic and dermatologic expertise accessible and affordable.

Dr. Porter, a graduate of Duke University Medical School and Board Certified in Dermatology and Internal medicine has more than mastered all the many painless procedures, of a traditional dermatologist and skin surgeon.

From his North Miami Clinic, Dr. Porter dispenses the next generation of skincare in comfortable surroundings. All our cosmetic and dermatologic treatments come within your budget. We also age-defying services such as diverse as laser hair removal, facial resurfacing, refreshing peels, collagen implants and injections, as well as the latest in non-bruising laser technology for leg veins.

We suggest you make an appointment today if you have any concerns that you would like to address regarding our cosmetic surgical procedures.

Dr. Wayne R. Porter


Dr. Porter will be in office from February 5th – 10th and again from February 22nd – 28th. . To book an appointment, give us a call at 946-9020.

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